Fur Queen Coord
BrandMajestic Tiara
First AppearanceEpisode 52:
Fur Queen Coord ( 毛皮の女王コーデ Kegawa no Joō Kōde) is a rare coord designed by the sexy type brand Majestic Tiara. This coord was one of the first released when Majestic Tiara was revealed to be turning into Tsukiko Kanzaki's private brand.


Fur Queen Tops

A long white vest with many red, purple,blue and green gems on it. Beige fake fur with black spots lines the collar and arms of the vest. It comes with white gloves with a golden fluer-de-lis on them, and the hems of the gloves are made of the same fur featured thorough the shirt.

Fur Queen Skirt

A single layer white skirt. The skirt is made up of a white layer with gems in the same colors as the ones on the top covering all sides of the skirt, and the hem is thick and is composed of a long layer of fake beige leopard fur. There is a

Fur Queen Heels

White high heels. There is a blue, green, pink, purple and red gem all arranged to form a five point star on the toe. At the bottom of the shoes is fur with black leopards motif with a red gem a the left sides of the shoes.


Episode Image User
Tsukiko Fur Queen Coord