Glam Glitter (グラムグリター Guramu Guritā) (also stylized as "Glam glitter") is a cool type brand introduced in Aikatsu! Passion Stars. It is also Naomi Inoue's favorite brand. It is inspired by glam rock/glam pop music with neon and glitter motifs. Its main users are Naomi Inoue and Koharu Hayashiki. The designer is Ken Aoikawa. Its special appeal is Glam Flash.


Glam Glitter is a glam rock/glam pop music-based brand that was founded in Chiba. It is designed to make the user look and feel cool like Visual Kei bands.


Glam Glitter was made when Stardust, or Masuyo Hoshikuzu, the leader of Visual Kei Stardust Pixies asked Ken Aoikawa to make her and her teammates new, unique outfits since she was tired of wearing the same ones that they were wearing. Ken asked Stardust what type of outfits she wanted, and she simply said, "With that cool magic of yours." He imagined them to be cool idols and knew VKSP liked glitter, sparkles, and neon colors. So he created the brand Glam Glitter and had the VKSP model them in a fashion show.

Brand Concept

Don't be shy to show your style. Glam Glitter is for confident girls and girls who want be confident. With motifs of glitter, sparkles, and neon colors, this brand will certainly make you stand out from the crowd. Let me show the world my glam. Be bold, be confident, be unique with Glam Glitter.

Known Users

Top Designer

The top designer is Ken Aoikawa. He used to be the designer for Visual Kei Stardust Pixies. After a while, he decided that he wanted to share his designs with every idol. He speaks in a "cool" manner and is shown to be calm, level-headed, and easy-going. He appreciates idols who are confident like Naomi Inoue and Koharu Hayashiki, but is willing to help idols to become confident.



Known Coords


  • The brand's mascot is Glamming Glittery.