Glam Pop
MembersGekijou Nakamura and Naomi Inoue
TypePop and Cool

"Glammin' n' Poppin'! We're Glam Pop!" - Glam Pop's catchphrase

Glam Pop (グラムポップ Guramu Poppu) is an idol unit composed of Gekijou Nakamura and Naomi Inoue. The unit was first formed and debuted in Episode 2.


Formation and Debut Live

Glam Pop was first formed for the Teamwork Audition between Gekijou and Naomi. They had the best performance and chemistry out of all of the other contestants. As a result, Glam Pop became an official duo unit; Gekijou and Naomi received their own unit coords, which are their first rare coords from their respective brands, for winning the audition. Gekijou would be in charge of PR and outfits for the unit while Naomi would be producing and managing the unit.

Unit Information


Unit Dresses


  • Rockin' and Poppin' Time


  • Glam & Pop Stage


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