Glitter Rockin' Parade Coord
First Appearance (Anime)Episode 1: The Middle Child's Rise to Fame
First Appearance (DCD)Part 1
User(s)Naomi Inoue
Glitter Rockin' Parade Coord (グリターロキンパレードコーデ Guritā Rokin Parēdo Kōde) is a normal, cool type brandless coord. It is Naomi Inoue's school coord.


Glitter Rockin' Parade Corset

A black tank top is worn underneath an electric blue corset lined with white and four straps of dark navy blue string held by gold buttons. The white sleeves consists of many alternate neon blue lines and a single row of white ruffles, while at the neck is a neon blue bow with navy blue accenting and a big gold guitar in the center. Comes with white fingerless gloves that have stripes of neon blue, electric blue, and gold near the top.

Glitter Rockin' Parade Skirt

A white, gold, and electric blue skirt with navy blue coloring in the pleats and a section of white material lined with gold on the opposite corner. Below this is a light blue layer to match the light blue belt; which has a gold button in the shape of a guitar.

Glitter Rockin' Parade Shoes

Electric blue pumps with navy blue heels and soles to match the navy blue silky ribbons over the foot that are lined with gold. Two gold straps wrap around the ankle. Comes with a pair of white kneesocks that have a single line of neon blue and navy blue on top, and an outer-side design of gold stars.