Glitter Swan Coord
BrandCrystal Queen
RarityCampaign Rare
Debut (DCD)Part 2
Glitter Swan Coord (グリッタースワンコーデ) is a campaign rare cute-type coord from Crystal Queen. It is a part of the Animal Trend Collection.


Glitter Swan Top

A cyan-alice blue sleeveless tank top decorated with large white opals. The top of the chest is covered by a thick layer of white fur, which is decorated by small pale yellow, royal blue, cyan, and bubblegum pink diamonds, with a golden, heart-shaped medallion in the center. Comes with "sleeves" that start with a white section that starts around the shoulder and ends near the elbow. With the separation of a thick gold band, the white material becomes feathery and attaches to cyan gradient gloves with a swirly design stitched on to them in sky blue. Also comes with a golden necklace with the charm being in the shape of a swan.

Glitter Swan Skirt

A four layer skirt. The first two layer is made up of pale pink and pale yellow feathers, and is decorated with gold sparkles. The second layer is pale pink, pale yellow, and white feathers, and is not decorated, but extends past the first layer. The third layer is sparkly and feathery cyan fabric, which is wrapped tightly around the final layer of the skirt. The fourth and final layer of the skirt is royal blue wavy fabric decorated with white and sky blue sparkles.

Glitter Swan Shoes

Royal blue pumps worn with knee-high opalescent socks. Above the toe is a small golden heart shaped charm which is connected by its point to a small bright red ribbon.