Gold Stage Coord
First Appearance (DCD)Data Cardass Aikatsu! "Aikatsu! Galaxy!" Part 0
First Appearance (Anime)The Moon Rises Episode 1 (cameo)
Gold Stage Coord (ゴールドステージコーデ) is Elle's school dress in The Moon Rises. It is a pop-typed normal rarity coord.


Gold Stage Vest

A tangerine vest decorated with a big golden star in the middle, which is worn over top of a slightly lighter shirt that has three orange buttons going up it, and a thick pale yellow hem.

Gold Stage Skirt

A bright orange-yellow plaid pleat tutu worn over a frilly white petticoat.

Gold Stage Mary Janes

Orange mary-jane heels with pale beige sole and a single yellow spherical button on the clasp. Comes with pale cream knee-socks which are decorated with gold polka dots.

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