Golden Moon Coord
BrandCrystal Queen
Debut (DCD)Part 3
Golden Moon Coord (ゴールデンムーンコーデGōruden Mūn Kōde) is a sexy-type normal coord from the brand Crystal Queen.


Golden Moon Top

An amethyst top with a glittery gold crescent moon in the center. Beneath the golden moon is Crystal Queen written in sparkly gold cursive. The bottom has three layers of ruffled material.

Golden Moon Jeans

Denim jeans with a small amount of lavender tulle at the top after a thin grape band. A small golden moon patch is stitched on to the waist, and a fuchsia design is sewn going down the side

Purple Boots with Cameo

Tall purple boots with black bottom and black lace circling the cuff. On each side of the leg is a black floral design.

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