Gorgeous Beauty Coord
RarityPremium Rare
First Appearance (Anime)???
First Appearance (DCD)???
User(s)Azami Nakamura
Gorgeous Beauty Coord (ゴージェアスビューティーコーデ Gōjeasu Byūtī Kōde ) is a premium rare coord by the sexy brand Beautiful Shine.


Gorgeous Beauty Dress

A glaucous and royal blue corset-style top that has a glittery silver star at the center of the chest and tiny gold dots to give it a sparkling appearance. Between the chest and neck is royal yellow lace trim on white material and a royal blue lace collar with a tiny silver ornament. Below the shoulder is dark blue, bunched up material for sleeves. The skirt is mainly royal blue with a white and light blue gradient near the bottom. On it are many royal yellow sparkling stars. On top of the skirt is glaucous material embedded with many gold and platinum pieces. Two layers of royal blue lace line the bottom of the skirt layers. Comes with royal blue gloves ending above the elbow with pale blue lace. Gold star-sparkle marks are printed on them.

Gorgeous Beauty Shoes

Sapphire heels with many wraps going around the leg. Lining the shoes is tiny pale blue lace trim. On each toe is a small gold gem. On the wraps are big, sparkle-like silver pieces.

Gorgeous Beauty Bow

A big midnight blue and royal blue striped bow with white and dark blue ruffled lining bordering it. The center is white.