Gum Pop Coord
First Appearance (Anime)Episode 5: Let's Autograph-katsu!
First Appearance (DCD)Part 1
User(s)Gekijou Nakamura
Gum Pop Coord (ガムポップコーデ Gamu Poppu Kōde) is a normal coord by the pop brand Bubblegum Pop Rock.


Gum Pop Top

A light orange top with light blue bubblegum bubbles all over it. The lining around the top and bottom of the chest is dark orange, white, and light blue. It is surrounded by gold bubblegum bubbles. The spherical sleeves are lined in white and the collar is scallop-lined with light orange and white coloring. Comes with a cherry red tattoo design on the left side of the stomach that says "GUM POP", a pearl necklace with two spheres surrounding a purple bracelet, an orange bracelet, a blue bracelet, and three rainbow bead bracelets.

Gum Pop Skirt

A light orange pleat cheerleader skirt with the design matching the shirt and a rainbow on it. The inner pleats are yellow with a ring of dark orange, dark blue, and white tracing the hem. The waistband is orange and white striped. Sewn to the right hip is a neon pink bow sewn to the center with a small, electric blue bead chain hanging from it.

Gum Pop Sneakers

Dark orange and electric blue sneakers with solid platform bottoms. The toe is white, while the shoelace area is pale blue, held with strings of sky blue and yellow. At the tongue of each shoe is a neon pink bow. The cuff is a three-layer, coming in gold, cyan, and light green. Comes with white and orange swirled tube socks with gold cuffs.