# Title Director
01 Shadow of a smile
Egao no Kage
Kaori Asahi is one of the most popular members of AKB0048 as first successor of Rino Sashihara. But all all bright stars are followed by shadows. After a scandal, Sasshi is going to be fired! Yet, the new group, HKT0048 seems to save her smile?
02 A young girls dream

Wakai on'nanoko wa yume


in the beginning an AKB0048 CN says something "How will the new Generation members be who will walk in the path of an idol and who will will lose and be saden ". the episode starts by the 2nd main character Akibara Umeko showing her daily life soon after Umeko sees that there is a new idol group called HKT048 how will her story end up
03 a true start of an idol

Aidoru no shin no sutāto


the idols go to there true hope and dreams finding their true passion and Name , Umeko Akibara starts to say goodbye some one the girls are auddition for HKT0048 and some are going to AKB0048 auddition after all the audition is at the same day suddenly DES came to get the audtioners