Haru (はる?) is a minor idol of Aikatsu! Passion Stars and part of the popular and well-known traveling idol group Four Seasons. Haru is a 16 year old idol who used to attend Shooting Star Academy, but decided to leave to further pursue her idol career.


Life at Shooting Star Academy

Haru had always wanted to be an idol since she was a little girl. She had always practiced her singing and dancing in hopes of becoming an idol. She auditioned for Shooting Star Academy's caravan audition and succeeded. Due to passing the caravan audition, she quickly became popular among the other students and gained lots of attention. Before using Magical Seasons, she used Aurora Fantasy. Haru did commercials for trail mix, organic foods, and air fresheners.

Four Seasons

Haru became really good friends with Natsu, Aki, and Fuyu. Their chemistry between the four of them worked so well, it resulted in the formation of Four Seasons. They became popular among the students of Shooting Star Academy, other students from other idol schools, fans, the public, and critics. Four Seasons was popular not just in Japan, but in other countries as well.

Leaving Shooting Star Academy

Haru realized how popular her group was. Because of this, she had an idea: Four Seasons will become a traveling idol group and perform concerts all over the world. The other members were surprised, but Haru convinced them that they should do it. The academy had a huge farewell party for Haru and her friends. The four of them left the academy the morning after the farewell party and had their first concert as a traveling idol group in Shinagawa, Tokyo.


Haru AKA Hana Haruno

Haru is a short girl and the shortest of her fellow unitmates. She has light skin, pale peach hair tied in pigtails with pale green ribbons that comes down to her shoulders, and light green eyes. She is usually seen wearing her Spring Blossom Magic Coord when performing. She wears a Shouldered Yellow Bijoux Knitted, a Mint Gingham Skirt, a pair of Double Strap Pumps, and a pair of yellow sunflower-shaped sunglasses when she is not performing.


  • Natsu: Haru's best friend and unitmate.
  • Aki: Haru's close friend and unitmate.
  • Fuyu: Haru's good friend and unitmate.


  • Haru's theme colors are light pink and light green.
  • Haru's aura consists of light green leaves and pink flower petals.
  • Haru means "spring" in Japanese.
  • Haru's real name is Hana Haruno.
  • Haru's favorite Aurora Fantasy coord is the Lily Bell Coord.

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