He Qiang Li
Hé Qiáng-Lì
Birthday DateMarch 25th
Hair ColorBlack
Eye ColorRed
Home PlaceChengdu
RelativesMother, father, and younger brother and sister
Voice ActorHu Ge

He Qiang-Li (何强力) is a member of the idol boyband ZMX. He is the eldest member of the group. His image color is red.


Qiang-Li is a mature and pervert type of guy, but is mad when something doesn't go his way who can be described as one of the 'fierce' type of members within ZMX, joined by his counterpart Liang-He. His catchphrase is 太粗鲁了! or How rude!, and he says that when someone is making him mad. He has a talent of singing, but he says that his singing is weaker than Yong-Yu's.

Besides being a singer, he wants to be a martial artist or an actor.


Due to their personalities, Qiang-Li gets along well with Liang-He. They have a close bond with each other and care for each other.


  • 嘿嘿 (Hey Hey)
  • 触气息 (Touch The Breath), duet with Liang-He


  • means carry
  • means strong
  • means force

So his full name means carried strong force


  • He's one of the ZMX idols to have one solo song, as his voice actor Hu Ge is not a singer, but an actor.

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