Heart Miracle Stage Outfit
AppearanceEpisode 05
AbilityIncrease the audience's love points
UserHoshizora Seiya-chi

Heart Miracle Stage Outfit (ハート・ミラクル・ステージ服?) is one Hoshizora Seiya-chi's official stage outfits. The outfit makes it debut in Seiya-chi no Starlight Uta Episode 05.


The Heart Miracle Stage Outfit consists of a dark red two piece. The top of the outfit shows a heart around the chest with pink trims. The top has no sleeves and is tied together at the back of the owner. A pink cloth can be tied around the user's neck. The skirt of the dress is a normal skrit, which becomes longer at the back and has a red pink gradient along with a black belt, whose buckle is silver and heart-shaped. The shoes of the outfit are knee-high, red boots with white laces. The user also gains ribbons which are tied around their wrists and a big ribbon, which is tied in their hair.


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