Heartbeat Masquerade is a cool Type brand designed by Firanzia Vice Ronaldi. Firanzia was inspired by masquerades and visual kei clothing to make this brand. She rarely lets anyone use this brand.

Brand Story

The story for this brand is a grand masquerade ball held by the prince, and everyone is invited, and everyone wants to make a lasting impression for their own reasons! Will you be the one who stands out, or just another heartbeat lost in the masquerade?

Special Appeal

The special appeal for this brand is called Shining Mirage. During this appeal, the user is surrounded by masks (similar to a house of mirrors). The masks then shatter and reflect the image of the user (exactly like a house of mirrors) before fading into (shiny) dust~

Known Coords

Exclusive Coords



  • This is the only brand to be made up entirely of Premium Rare Coords.
  • This is the brand Firanzia wears during rare occasions when she performs.
  • Firanzia is incredibly picky about letting anyone else wear this brand.