Hiiragi Akami
柊 赤美
Hīragi Akami
SeasonAikatsu ☀ shining over heaven
Hair ColorRed with black streaks
Eye ColorRed
Idol Info
AuraRed Onyx'
BrandBroken Mirror
SchoolYamato Top Idol Academy
School CoordShadow YamAca Coord

Hiiragi Akami is a wicked-typed idol attending the Yamato Top Idol Academy. Akami is a 14 year old idol with a big ego. She has chosen Suzune Chika to be her rival. Her favorite brand is Broken Mirror.


  • Name: Hiiragi Akami
  • Name in Kanji: 柊 赤美
  • Date of Birth: September 29th
  • Zodiac: Libra
  • Age: 14
  • Gender: Female
  • Attitude: Energetic, Bossy, "evil"
  • Type: Wicked
  • Theme: #C41E3A


Akami is a passionate idol, who would do everything for her friends and would do everything for becoming top idol. She is pretty manipulative but also a good actor, so no one would ever notice. She tries to stay positive. She is a wicked idol and acts like it. She is knows as the "Queen of Witches" and is always trying to stay in her role as Queen of Witches.

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Hiiragi (?) - Hiiragi is an Japanese word meaning "holly", if it is translated.

Akami (赤美?) - Akami comes from Aka (?) meaning "red" and Mi (?) meaning "beauty". So Akami means "red beauty".