Hollywood Star Coord
BrandCrystal Queen
Debut (DCD)Part 4
Hollywood Star Coord (ハリウッドスターコーデ) is a rare sexy-type coord from the brand Crystal Queen.


Hollywood Star Dress

A dress that starts out with a black top decorated with many pink, green, and gold jewels. There are strings coming out of the blouse, attaching it to a black choker, making it resemble a halter dress. The skirt is crimson red, and has many golden studs going up it in a wrapping pattern up the skirt until the belt, which has a single large sparkly golden star decorating it.

Hollywood Star Pumps

Black pumps with black sole and gold lining the foot insert. On each toe are four pearls surrounding a small ruby, which are on top of a section of white frilly material.

Black Lace Hair Corsage

A large red rose on top of two smaller white roses with ruffled, black material in three layers hanging from it. Comes with golden dangle earrings with a red ruby on each earring.

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