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Hoshiakari Arisa
Hoshiakari Arisa
SeasonAikatsu! B&W
Hair ColorDark Red
Eye ColorGreen
Anime DebutEpisode 04: The candy way of Hoshiakarisa!
Idol Info
Auraorange roses
BrandSpooky Pumpkin
UnitShooting Star
SchoolDream Academy
School CoordCitrine Dream Coord

Hoshiakari Arisa is a new idol appearing in Aikatsu! B&W. She is a pop-typed idol whose favorite brand is Spooky Pumpkin.


Arisa has dark red colored hair, or more exactly carmine colored hair. She has green eyes. She has her hair styled into twin tails. When opened, her hairs reach to her chest. She usually wears the Dream Academy uniform, but when being in public, she wears a yellow dress with a short sleeved, bright green vest over it. She wears a funny hat, glasses and red sneakers with white stockings.


Arisa is a cheerful young girl, who likes to make jokes or prank others. It's easy to make her laugh and very hard to make her mad, however, others get mad at her very fast. Arisa loves sweets and lives everyday like it would be always Halloween.


Hoshiakari (星灯?) - Hoshiakari comes from Hoshi (?) meaning "star" and Akari (?) meaning "light". So Hoshiakari means "star light".

Arisa (アリサ?) - The name Arisa can have different meanings, depending on which kanji characters are used. So it could mean "Blooming love village" by using the characters A ( ai?) meaning "love", Ri ( sato?) meaning "village" and Sa ( saki?) meaning "bloom".

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  • Arisa usually calls herself "Hoshiakarisa" (ホシアカリサ?), which is a mix between her last name Hoshiakari and her given name Arisa.
  • Arisa is the first Dream Academy fan idol on this wiki.
  • Arisa is the first idol of season 5, to have her debut with a rare premium coord.
  • Arisa is the first idol, since the beginning of season 3, to wear a Dream Coord.