Hot Shot Girl (ホットショットガール Hotto Shotto Gāru) stylized as ホットショットガール (Hotto Shotto Gāru) is a girls-with-guns anime appearing in Global Stars. The show is about a young teenage girl who is an agent fighting against a criminal organization and its underlings in a cool, carefree manner alongside her companions.

Appearing Characters

  • Nekketsune Akari AKA Hot Shot Girl (熱血音あかり AKA ホットショットガール Nekketsune Akari AKA Hotto Shotto Gāru) - Akari is a fast-talking girl with a sassy, upbeat attitude who goes by the name of Hot Shot Girl. She is clever and can easily make comebacks. She can also be a smooth talker and can talk her way in and out of situations. Akari claims to have never missed her targets and claims to be related to various idols. She refers herself as Hot Shot-chan (ホットショットちゃん Hotto Shotto-chan). She appears to be cocky and only caring about her fame, but she is kind-hearted and even gentle on the inside. Voiced by Asami Tano.
  • Odayakanane Momo AKA Heartstrings Girl (穏やかな音もも AKA ハーツトリングズガール Odayakanane Momo AKA Hātsutoringuzu Gāru) - Momo is a soft-spoken girl with an optimistic attitude who goes by the name of Heartstrings Girl. She is smart and can use her surroundings to her advantage. Momo tends to fangirl over others she admires. She, and others, have used her cuteness to get desirable results. Momo's cuteness is said to above and beyond any other person's cuteness. She is referred to as Heartstrings-chan (ハーツトリングズちゃん Hātsutoringuzu-chan).

Appearances in Global Stars



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