" cool and Fashion is the way to life "- catchphrase
Hye Yun
Japanese :ハイユン

Korean :혜 윤
Japanese: Haiyun , Korean :hye yun

AgeJoining : 15
Birthday DateDecember 31st
Hair ColorBrown
Eye Colorgreen
Home PlaceBefore south Korea

Now :Japan

SeiyuuItano Tomochin
Hye is a main character in Global Stars and a member of the group Sexy Chou.Her Image color is Pink and Sexy Purple



Hye was very social when she was little she was actually scared on everyone in her class not talking to everyone except the teacher .Soon Hye started talking to people at the age of 7 making new friends her best friend in South Korea is Areum Yi ( whos now in AngelStarPrime ) and she made more friends along the way

Before idoling

She had a crush on this boy named Goon Lee for a 4 years she was always nervous around him even when Goon wanted to talk to her she would always run away from him,soon when she was about to convince her love to him .He went to become in a boy band which soon to become very popular in Korea ,she went crying in her room where her friend help her though the pain and still perfect grades in her class and being the top


she had moved to Japan missing her BFF and her supposed boyfriend ( but was too late before she moved she started becoming an idol when she audition to be in a future group Sexy Chou and she did passed it was hard but she trained everyday to be in the group her a Audition was an A and now she has to move to Japan to be in the group she also become a Vlogger making her fans grow




Hibiku Okudan: Roommate and close friend. Hyerelies on Hibiku  and  check if his wig and make-up are on right.and on fleek

Anna Lee: Unit mate and close friend.

Carmen Castro: Unit mate and close friend.

Cecilia Arena: Unit mate and friend.



Birthday: December 31st

Nationality: Korea

Idol Status: Junior Idol

Voice Actor: Itano Tomochin

Audition Grade: A

Reason can to discover new things in other country

Roommate : Hibiku

She a Vlogger alot of 15,000 subscibers

loves to right book

she wrote 3 lyrics

she had a crush on this boy before becoming an idol

she wears glasses

Nickname: Hye-chan ,Hun

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