I want to become your muse!
Episode 4
Episode Information
Opening Empress Glow!
Ending Wings of the heart
Episode Guide
The Blind Princess's Radiance
The character of a Muse
I want to become your muse! is the 4th episode of Aikatsu: Wings of Radience.


Ever since she first wore the Blind Princess Coord, she has had a recurring dream of becoming Prince-san's muse. After she does some more extensive reaserch on the designer in order to impress him more, she discovers that Prince already has three other brands, with more to come. With Madeline and Firanzia's goals of making every brand shine and inspiring idols and making every idol shine respectively working together, will Madeline work up the courage to ask Firanzia this important question?

Episode Summary

Aikatsu Wings of Radiance Episode 4 transcript

Major Events

  • As of this episode, Madeline becomes Prince's official muse.


  • This is the first regular episode of the series not to feature an insert song.

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