Idol Storm
Starclub peace
General Information
StudioAmathist Studios
Air date10 May 2017
Episodes20 (Idol Storm Episode List)
Theme Songs
Opening ThemeLOVE STORM
Ending ThemeTogether Now and Forever
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Idol Storm (アイドルの嵐) is a collaborative series by Eurovisionprecurefan, Hickmanm, Cure Wonder, SingMeloettaAmathist1998HanasakiTsubomi997, CureHibiki, CureLightning, Cure KohakuIdol Heroine Champion and AisuShironami. It was soon taken over by Amathist, after the other creators dropped the collab.


The idol group that is just starting out, Starclub, has a bond that is stronger than a storm! Within their school, Tsubasa Idol Academy, they are, slowly but surely, beginning their takeover!


Starclub (The Main 12 Characters)

The rapper of the group, who also excels at dancing. Her theme color is azure.

Yume is very introverted, and applied to Tsubasa Idol Academy to start a new life with confidence. Her theme color is celeste.

Ri is autistic, and she became an idol to improve her social interactions and to better express her emotions and feelings, as well as to continue her family's idol legacy. Her theme color is magenta.

Madoka was born with a very weak body and a habit to reverse into a child-like state whenever she feels negative emotions. Her theme color is pastel pink.

Sakura loves musical theater, and became an idol to focus on her singing. Her theme color is purple.

Akane is the heiress to her wealthy family's fortune, however, she did not know what she wanted to do with her life before becoming an idol. Her theme color is red.

A girl who has wanted to become an idol despite her stage fright. Her theme color is orange.

Hibiki is very open and friendly, but is struggling to find what she's best at. She is also known for her confidence and passion for being an idol. Her theme color is mint green.

Kira is a cheerful girl who loves to dance and is very open, but doesn't have many friends. She wanted to become an idol to sing and dance and make more friends. Her theme color is yellow.

Rebecca is a positive 13-year-old girl who often speaks english in her sentences. Her catchphrase is "Lovely~!" (ラブリ Raburi~!). Her theme color is lavender.

Alice is a transfer student from America who, despite loving to design outfits as the daughter of a famous fashion model, wants to follow the path of an idol however, is frightened to due to her mother's legacy. Her idol color is green.

Honoka is daughter of classical musicians who dreamed of becoming an idol rather than continuing her parents path in classical music. She's very honest and straightforward. Sometimes, her words are too honest and people sometimes see her as a rude person. Her idol color is aqua.


  • Momona Iwasaki (Megan Henshall in the english dub), Her theme color is pink.
  • Tomomi Iwasaki (Tia Henshall in the english dub), Her theme color is orange.
  • Akiho Kishimoto (Anna Moore in the english dub), Her theme color is red.
  • Himeko Ono (Harriet Castle in the english dub), Her theme color is yellow.
  • Yuuko Kobayashi (Ella McKenzie in the english dub), Her theme color is green.
  • Rizumu Abe (Olivia Atkinson in the english dub), Her theme color is purple.
  • Mirai Matsuda (Mariah Matthews in the english dub), Her theme color is blue.

Mega Superstar (The bullies and main villains in the show)

  • Chiaki Shimada (Dominique (Dom) John in the english dub),
  • Megumi Honda (Nicki (Nic) Irving in the english dub),
  • Ayako Matsumoto (Jamie Garrington in the english dub),
  • Sayaka Okonogi (Antonia (Ant) Lautier in the english dub),
  • Yu Endo (December (Dec) Inness in the english dub),
  • Emi Kasuga (Jules Buckley in the english dub).

Minor Characters

  • Nanami Akimoto (Angelina Crewe in the english dub),
  • Mitsuru Ishitaka (Elliot McHale in the english dub),



  • This is the first manga to have an autistic character.
  • The 6 bullies (Later known as Mega Superstar) were inspired from the bullies (Dom, Ant, Dec, Jules, Jamie, etc.) of "In Your Dreams", a musical (which was writtten by the head principal of Stagecoach) Amathist1998 took part as a member of the sicilian mafia (Ravioli), her brother also took part in this musical as Jules (One of the bullies) at the Oxford exchange in summer 2017. Plus some lines were taken and adapted in the show and in episode 2, the song Gangsta's Paradise (1920s Vintage Jazz ver.) from "In Your Dreams" was also used in the show sung by the 6 bullies (Mega Superstar).
  • Songs from musicals will also be used in episodes of this show.
  • This was originally going to be a collaboration series along with a couple of users, Later on Amathist1998 took over after everyone dropped the collaboration series except for occasional help from Eurovisionprecurefan when needed.