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"Hello, hello! This is Hoshiakarisa's idol talk! And Hoshiakarisa is here to tell you a few things about her life as pop idol! Let's begin! Let it become spooky!"


"Um, where should I start first? Ah right! As you know, my name is Hoshiakari Arisa. But it's too long to remember. So I keep it short with Hoshiakarisa! It's easier right? Yes it is, I know it is. And the name is perect for that too. Um... I'm a first year student of Dream Academy, yay another name to shorten. Let's just call it DreAca! Everyone does that anyways! Hoshiakarisa is a pop-typed idol who loves Halloween!

Yes Halloween! That's why Spooky Pumpkin is my favorite brand! It's so perfect and Kabocha-chan is great too. I love that we both love Halloween. We are almost like twins! Almost...

People often say that you need to be careful when being around me... But I don't understand why.. Is it because I like jokes? People call them pranks, I know, but Hoshiakarisa doesn't! You don't need to be afraid of me or anything, I'm a cherrful student, who is always happy. And please don't be mad at me! I do everything for fun! It's funny! I mean... please don't be like Saki-san. She gets mad at me everytime I call her Sakikura. But her name is Sakura, and wants to be called Saki. So I call her by her name and by her nickname at the same time. She probably only gets mad at me because she has a wild personality!"

Aikatsu! B&W

"Aikatsu! got a lot more passionate and interessting the moment I met Izumi and Saki. Though Saki is a little bit too wild for me, she is still a great idol. And I have to admit, Izumi is kinda cute. But not cuter than Hoshiakarisa! I'm a Jolly Witch! Talking about Jolly Witch!!! The former idol, Firanzia Vice Ronaldi the great, who is also a DreAca idol, made a coord for me. Only for me! I mean, I know that she made coords for others too, but she based it off Halloween and the name of this coord is Jolly Witch Coord! I'm so proud to hold it in my two hands. It's like Christas in october! Which would be great because then halloween and christmas would almost be at the same time! ... I want christmas to be in october! Happy Hallo-Mas!

And then, the beautiful unit was formed! The one who are dancing under the moon! Chiaro di Luna!! The name was my idea! You must know that parts of my family come from Italy! So maybe my name was supposed to be Alisa but every "L" turns to a "R" in Japanese, so it doesn't change. No matter if my name is Alisa or Arisa. Here in Japan, I'll always be Hoshiakarisa, right?"

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