Indigo Charm Coord
BrandCrystal Queen
Debut (DCD)Part 5
Indigo Charm Coord (インディゴチャームコーデ) is a normal sexy-type coord from the brand Crystal Queen.


Indigo Charm Top

A dark blue tank top lined with small rubies and emeralds on the chest. On the stomach, there is a gold medallion, which is violet in the center, and going outwards is decorated with small sapphires, rubies and emeralds.

Indigo Charm Skirt

A long indigo skirt. A long split goes down the center of the skirt and is colored midnight blue with glitter all over it. So far above the hem are rectangle-shaped gems of orange, red, green, and yellow.

Indigo Charm Boots

Sky blue boots decorated with fancy indigo designs. The strings are indigo, and the toe and heel are both midnight blue

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