Innocence Pisces Coord
イノセンス魚座 コーデ
BrandCrystal Queen
RarityPremium Rare
Debut (DCD)Part 3
Innocence Pisces Coord (イノセンス魚座 コーデ) is Crystal Queen's constellation premium rare coord. This coord is Madeline's second premium in Aikatsu: Galaxy! and fifth premium rare coord overall.


Innocence Pisces Top

A sky blue blouse decorated with a swirly, vine-like, powder blue pattern. At the end of each of the swirl, there is a flower with five petals made of aquamarine beads with a sapphire bead making the center of each flower. The rim is electric blue, and each wavy part that is facing more upwards on the rim is decorated with a single aquamarine bead. Comes with white silk gloves decorated with the aquamarine and sapphire beaded flowers.

Innocence Pisces Skirt

A sky blue blouse decorated with several strands of thick white piped ribbon. On the tip of each ribbon strand, there is a big powder blue flower, each with an electric blue center. The skirt's rim is teal in color and sparkly, with space in between each five petaled beaded aquamarine and sapphire flower.

Innocence Pisces Shoes

White heels that are decorated, one on each toe, with the beaded aquamarine and sapphire flowers that occur thought the rest of the coord. On the sides of each flower, are thin, golden, vine-like designs, although the ones featured on the shoes are much straighter than the ones featured on the top of the coord. Comes with white silk tights.

Innocence Pisces Crown

A white crown that connects to a simple white headband. The crown also features thick dark blue accents. Every accent line is decorated with large, light blue sapphire circles, all framed in thin gold circles, while every white part of the crown is decorated with the aquamarine and sapphire bead flowers constantly featured throughout the coord. The wings featured with this coord are simplified golden angel wings, and feature a pattern of large dark blue sapphires and light blue aquamarines going down the edge of the coord. Comes with stud earrings of the aquamarine and sapphire crystal bead flowers.