Justice Bell Coord
First Appearance (Anime)Episode 14: Attack of the Wicked Fairy
First Appearance (DCD)Part 1
User(s)Manami Hanae
Justice Bell Coord (ジャスティスベルコーデ Jasutisu Beru Kōde) is a rare coord by the cute brand Sweet Lollipop. It is Manami Hanae's coord that she uses in the drama Attack of the Wicked Fairy.


Justice Bell Top

A white ruffled blouse with a bubblegum pink tank-top worn on top of it. Sugar pink lines the lower chest, while a thicker line circles beneath the chest. A line of sugar pink goes down the center of the chest, lined in silver with white tulle and three silver bell-shaped buttons. The bottom is lined in silver. Each sleeve strap has glittery dark pink lollipops sewn to it. At the center of the chest is a plum bow with a silver lollipop in the middle. Comes with sugar pink matinee gloves with lace cuffs, each with the same plum bow and ornament wrapped around the wrists, and a white collar lined in silver with a tiny lavender pink bow sewn to the middle with a silver bead in the center. A bubblegum pink stone hangs from it on a silver base.

Justice Bell Skirt

A pale pink ruffled skirt with a piece of sugar pink material tracing the hem to match the waistband. The top portion of skirt has a pattern of white, bubblegum pink, and sugar pink circles. Around the midsection is a glittery bubblegum pink cloth, bunched together and held by a plum bow with large silver bells hanging from it.

Justice Bell Mini Boots

White miniature boots with a pink bottom. The top and heel of the foot are bubblegum pink, while the flap of each shoe is silver. On each flap is a bubblegum pink bow with a plum stone on a silver base. Two layers of bubblegum pink ruffles stick out from the cuff; one is glittery, while the other appears to be adorned with lace. Comes with sheer white stockings with light pink stripes.

Justice Bell Bow

A big light pink bow with silver designs on the edges with a silver bell in the center.