Kaguya Izayoi
十六夜 かぐや
Izayoi Kaguya
SeasonAikatsu: Idol Festival!
Birthday DateJuly 20
Hair Colorsilver
Eye Coloraquamarine
Home PlaceSapporo, Hokkaido
Idol Info
AuraMagenta moons and small white stars
BrandSakurairo Kaden
School CoordCream Stage Coord
Kaguya Izayoi (かぐや 十六夜) is a sexy type idol from Aikatsu: Idol Festival!. She is apart of Polaris30 during season 1 of the series. She uses the brand Sakurairo Kaden.


Kaguya is very tall for her age and has shoulder-length wavy silver hair and turquoise eyes.


Kaguya was a long lost childhood friend of Madeline's. Kaguya had severe stage fright, so although she liked idols, her dream was simply to become a world class producer, with Madeline being her main idol. However, after Kaguya and her family moved to Kyoto, the two lost contact with each other.

Kaguya, still having the dream of becoming a producer, passed the entrance audition for Himezakura Private Girls' Academy. However, upon hearing that her friend had become an idol and was studying at Polaris Academy, she transferred schools once more so that she and her long lost friend could achieve their dream together.

It wasn't easy for her to reconnect with Madeline however; Madeline was well on her way to becoming Hokkaido's top idol, so her schedule was crammed full of lessons and work. Even when Madeline did have spare time to spend on campus, she usually spent it planning with her producer.

Even after Madeline became the top idol, with her schedule slightly relieved of practice, she still had much more work, so Kaguya couldn't have a moment to talk with her. Still determined, Kaguya added the idol course to her schedule, as they were so much alike that they were bound to work with each other at some point.

When the two both got into Polaris30, Kaguya finally got her wish and reconciled with Madeline. The two are now good friends again, but not as close as they were before due to all the years they spent apart from each other.


Madeline Sycamore: A childhood friend of hers. She hopes that the two of them can achieve their dreams together.


  • Her sign is Cancer.
  • Favorite food: Vanilla ice cream
  • Least favorite food: seafood
  • Hobbies: Stargazing
  • Her image color is white