Mayuki Kashita
河岸田麻由紀 ()
Kashita Mayuki
SeasonAKB0048 ~ Dream Stage
Birthday Date4/4
Home PlaceTekistar
Anime DebutS01
SeiyuuMiku Tanabe
Idol Info
UnitAKB0048, 115th Generation

Mayuki Kashita is an understudy of the 115th Generation of AKB0048 and is Miyagi Kashita's daughter.

Appearance & Personality 

Mayuki has dark blue hair and blue eyes. She usually wears her hair down with a bun which has two stick in it to keep it in her hairstyle. Actually, those two are Shuriken. Like all members, she has heart-shaped sparkles in her eyes and in her hair.

Mayuki herself is usually a bit of an air head, but is pretty nice to others. She usually is a bit of a big sister and is close to all members.


Mayuki grew up on Tekistar as a member of the Kashita family, yet, she always aimed to become a 0048 member. Unlike her big sister Mayu, she didn't really care about succeeding her mothers place on Tekistar since all she wanted was to become a 0048 member like her.


Mayuki and the other understudies of the 115th Generation sing together in the opening and the ending of the series. In the series itself, she is shown often singing songs of AKB48.


  • Her name Mayuki, is also the name of the Kashiwagi Yuki from the Watanabe Mayu pairing. The name may come from this, as Mayuki's mother was a successor of Mayuyu.
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