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Kawaguchi Miku

Kawaguchi Miku
SeasonLove Live! Mirai!
Home PlaceHizashi
DebutChapter 1: The Beginning of Our Very Future!
Idol Info
SchoolMekurumeku All Girls Academy
 Kawaguchi Miku is a main character in  Love Live! Mirai!. She is a 15 year old first year attending Mekurumeku All Girls Academy. Her theme color is pale pink.

General Information


Physical Appearance

Hobbies and Activities



Other Character Info

Character Introduction

Hi… I’m… Miku… Kawaguchi.
I’m a first year… at Mekurumeku All Girls Academy.
You see… I love video games. I’m a fan of every genre.
I spend too much time on them, though…
Which makes me really… really tired.
It also makes my speech weird.
But it’s worth it. I am set on completing every video game I get.
At least, that’s what I was like before I joined [].
Now, my addiction seems to have gone down. Though I’m still set on completing everything I can do in games, and the console or device itself.
Like making a full Mii Plaza, or Mii Parade. Things like that~!
I love being in []. It’s like a dream, It’s made me so much happier♡
Hehe. I sound just like an idol, right~?
Since I’m an idol myself, I’ve been obsessed with Idol games. I even have usernames as idols. Mainly the ones from μ's. They’re my favorites♪
So, as any idol would say, I hope you continue to support us. Or if you haven’t, please support us.


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