Kimono Festival Coord
着物 フェスティバル コーデ
BrandCrystal Queen
Debut (DCD)Part 6
Kimono Festival Coord (着物 フェスティバル コーデ) is a rare, sexy type coord from the brand Crystal Queen.


Kimono Festival Onepiece

A grape purple frilly jacket-dress almost resembling a kimono. It has a strip of frilly lavender material that lines the collar, waist, and bottom of the skirt. Around the waist is a large violet ribbon with two golden bells sewn on to it. Pinned to the corner of the chest are three flowers. The flowers are hot pink, purple, and light pink.

Kimono Festival Sandals

Grape purple sandals that are adorned with three flowers; One that's pale pink with magenta center, One that's hot pink with gold center, and One in purple with sky blue center. A band of sky blue, white, and hot pink flowers circles around the lower leg.