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Shiratori Kireina
SeasonAll of SingMeloetta's Pretty Rythm Series
Home PlacePrism World
SeiyuuChinatsu Akasaki
Idol Info
Theme Song(s)World of Dreams
Kireina (きれいな, Kireina) is one of the main characters in Pretty Rythm: Shiny Style and SingMeloetta's other Pretty Rythm series. She is a Prism Messenger who goes to different worlds to spread the prism's sparkle. When she does activities related competes in tournaments, she uses the name Kireina Shiratori ( 白鳥 きれいな Shiratori Kireina) so that no one will suspect anything different about her, borrowing the surname from caretaker and mascot, Shiro.


Like all messengers of the Prism World, she has the same appearance as that of Rinne when undisguised, but also has many disguised forms that she uses throughout SingMeloetta's different Pretty Rythm-based series.

Pretty Rythm: Shiny Style

When she's in her disguised form during this series, she has emerald eyes and long, straight lemon yellow hair which she wears down, that goes down to her waist. She represents the star fashion element during this series.


As Prism World messengers lose their memories while traveling, Kireina's initial personality starts out similar to Rinne's: naive, quiet, and emotionless. However, her experiences on her journeys do have some impact on her personality while there.

Her personality notably changes completely when she goes on stage to perform. She often performs Prism Shows on her own, and she quickly became famous in the world of Prism Shows for consistently demonstrating high-level techniques with ease, and singing with a pure tone.

Prism Jumps

Solo Jumps

Pretty Rythm: Shiny Style

  • Star Splash
  • Crystal Splash
  • Rainbow Prism Kiss
  • Platnium Spiral
  • Gorgeous Jewelry Paradise
  • Jewelry Constellation Rain
  • Princess of the Heart World


  • Like all of her counterparts, Kireina has a lot in common with Madeline.
  • She resembles and acts like Takane Shijou from The Idolm@ster.
  • She shares her surname with Hime Shiratori from Aikatsu! Stars