Kokoro Mitsugi
Mitsugi Kokoro
SeasonAikatsu! 5
Birthday DateJuly 8
Hair ColorRed
Eye ColorBlue
Idol Info
AuraPink hearts outlined in red
BrandSpicy Sweetie
SchoolStarlight Academy
School CoordBerry Parade Coord
Kokoro Mitsugi is a first year middle school student attending Starlight Academy. She is a cute type idol who uses Spicy Sweetie.


Kokoro has red hair tied into a spherical odango hairstyle, and two short pigtails at the bottom of each bun, all held in place by two light blue ribbons. She is usually seen in the Starlight Academy uniform. When in public, however, she prefers clothes that one would probably consider cute, and most of the time the clothing she wears is pink.


Kokoro is a very outgoing, fun loving girl who loves to perform for her fans. She enjoys meeting them as well, as she loves to make new friends. Because of this, she is a very popular student at the academy, and frequently appears on variety shows.


Kokoro is a natural born performer, and was always singing around the Japanese sweets shop her parents own. The reason why she waited to audition for Starlight however, is because she had nothing to really motivate her to audition; She loved the sweets shop, her family, and everything in her life was great. Until one day she saw a performance by Kurumi Mori, and then finally had enough motivation to try out for Starlight, and successfully passed her audition.


Kokoro means heart. This could relate to her favorite brand, Spicy Sweetie, and it's theme of hearts and love.

Mitsugi means blessing. So her full name means blessing, also relating to her brand's theme. When put together, her name means "heart's blessing."


Her roommate. The two seem to get along, and they became fast friends, though at first Kokoro was intimidated by her because of her older sister. Tsukiko then discovered her real personality, and about her actually not being frightened by very many things, she just has always gotten tense around people of high authority.

Kokoro was at first afraid of her due to her giving off a natural air of high authority. The two get along well, often helping Tsukiko with her dream when she needs it by practicing with her, as it usually gets the job done for all three of them.


  • Sign: Leo
  • Blood type: B
  • Favorite Food: Chocolate
  • Least favorite food: Peppers