Lip - sync to the end: Season 5

Teaser trailer : the host Rupaul , Takashi Yume and Romeo valle appear as the highest gods and goddesses in there royal golden chairs soon there magic orbs glows " it is time to summon them"said Rupaul "indeed "said Yume " from realms of earth and the universe we summon our legendary gods and goddesses we summon thee to see who wins this race "said the three of them, as the royal told how   showstopper should be ,during what they were saying the contestant  appeared as gods and goddesses,soon Rodrigo moment appeared as he was the glamorous god brother of Poseidon name Tertis (who is also the god of water )( Poseidon was busy ) all the contestant were wearing one of a kind amazing handmade Rome and Greek gods and goddesses " let the real games begin "said Rupual as he said that the gods and goddesses landed on earth by lightning strike soon all of them changed into fierce and their own  personality outfits soon the camera went from the left to the right showing them soon each person says one word " Lets see who will be the true royal titan and see who will be the fallen ones let the games begin and make the best ruler of this world  win " and then the commercial ended when they were struck by lightning to there own place then the commerical showed the  time the show will start and when would it air



Riser star =non celebrity

Celebrity = celebrity

  • Maya Santiago ( Riser star ) ( Cancun,Mexico )
  • Emma Roster ( Riser star ) (Toronto,Canada )
  • Christen Mendez (
  • Brandon Fly (
  • Rodrigo Jurina ( celebrity ) ( Sapporo ,Japan )
  • Bianca Del Rio/ Roy Haylock (Drag Queen celebrity ) (New York, New York )
  • Courtney Act/Shane Jenek (Drag Queen celebrity )(West Hollywood ,California )
  • Jacky Lamarca
  • Mimi Gavel
  • Raymon Barahona
  • Aabarana Malhotra
  • Watanabe Mayu
  • Abele Abbascia
  • TBA

Lip sync battle/Songs 

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