Landhausmode Alps Coord
BrandAurora Fantasy
RarityPremium Rare
Landhausmode Alps Coord (ランドハウスモードアルプスコーデ Randohausumōdo Arupusu Kōde) is a premium rare cute type coord from the brand Aurora Fantasy, created for the Worldwide System as a part of Aikatsu! Greatest Stars.


Landhausmode Alps Tops

A pale pink bodice with pale green frills and laces. A frilly, white, short-sleeved blouse is under it. It comes with a dark pink waistcoat over the bodice. It also comes with a silver brooch is in the middle of the bodice, silver stud earrings, and a silver necklace.

Landhausmode Alps Skirt

A pale green skirt with a pale pink apron that has the knot tied in the front center.

Landhausmode Alps Mary Janes

White chunky-heeled Mary Janes that has silver buckles and a forget-me-not on each shoe. It comes with white stockings that have a pink and green flower print.

Landhausmode Alps Headband

A white cloth headband with a forget-me-not attached to the side of a light pink and light green lace bow. Comes with silver stud earrings with a blue violet alpine aster-shaped jewel hanging from the bottom, beneath a pale pink bow.