The Lavender Star Coord (ラベンダースターコーデ?) is a Coord appearing in Aikatsu! B&W. It made it debut together with Mikami Akemi. She used during her first audition in the anime, she was wearing this coord.


NOTE: These Coords are not mine. They are made by and belong to Sunrise. I only put them together to a new coord.


Lavender Star Top

A sark purple, sleeveless top with golden dots on it. A golden necklace hangs over it with a star-shaped pendant. A black collar is tied around her neck and also has golden dots on it.

Lavender Star Shorts

Black denim mini shorts with small rips in worn sections in front, as well as the white pocket sections showing from the bottom. The pants have tiny golden studs that line each leg, and the pockets. The belt is black with gold detailing, and the mini shorts come with a white leg piece that has a purple gem in the center.[1]

Lavender Star Boots

Above the knee, leather boots with black lacing going up to the knee on the outer sides.[2]



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