Legacy Charm Coord
RarityPremium Rare
First Appearance (DCD)Part 0
First Appearance (Anime)The Moon Rises
Legacy Charm Coord (レガシーチャームコーデRegashī Chāmu Kōde) is Elle's only known premium rare. It is brandless, pop-typed, and was first seen in the sixth episode of The Moon Rises. It was first seen in the DCD game's part 0.


Legacy Charm Top

A pale yellow top lined in gold. Near the collar, there is an amount of royal blue fabric that has been cut in a heart-like shape. There are two white bands in the midsection, connected to a large royal blue bow that has a gold cross in the middle of it. There is a large white bow on the back. Comes with a necklace with a golden teardrop-shaped charm and white opera length gloves.

Legacy Charm Skirt

A two layer skirt. The first layer is pale yellow and is cut in the middle to reveal a shin-length piece of royal blue pleat. On the sides, some of the fabric is also cut to reveal a pattern of hearts made by the second layer. The second layer is gold in color, and is slightly longer than the top layer.

Legacy Charm Boots

Knee-length white boots with several royal small blue bows going down the leg, with each one having a gold star in the center. On the toe, there is a royal blue ribbon that is larger than the ones going down the boots that has a small crown charm in the middle.

Legacy Charm Tiara

A silver tiara that is decorated with two small red gems on the sides of the base, two sea green gems right under those, and a larger purple gem at the center of the base. In the design, there are two pearls in the second spiral on both sides, two larger emeralds closer to the center of the tiara, and two dark red rubies on the layer above the emeralds. On the top layer of the tiara, there are two aquamarines on the sides, as well as a large diamond at the very top of the tiara.


  • This is the first brandless premium rare coord.