Legendary Heartbeat Masquerade is the 2nd episode of Aikatsu! Wings of Radiance. The insert song in this episode is Tutu Ballerina.

Legendary Heartbeat Masquerade
Episode 2
Episode Information
Opening Empress Glow
Ending Wings of the Heart
Episode Guide
Aikatsu! Wings of Radience: Episode 1- Going off on my dream!
Visiting Day, and a New Beginning


After hearing about an audition to receive the Blind Princess Coord from famous designer, Firanzia Vice Ronaldi, Madeline thinks back on where she's heard that name before. As it turns out, her mother saw Firanzia's last concert, and she described the coord as something extremely special to both idols who saw her final concert, and the designer, and that she'd always wanted to wear the dress. Even though her mom retired from her own idol activities, Madeline wants to honor her mother, and the journey of her own by receiving and wearing the coord. Can a performance convince Firanzia to let her wear this special coord?

Episode Summary

Aikatsu: Wings of Radiance Episode 2 transcript

Major Events

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