Lip-sync to the end, is a reality competition show

world wide show reality competition , where people from around the world audition ( celebrity ,normal people ) 15 people are selected from around the world, on the first episode they meet at the studio where there suppose to meet suddenly they are being split up into two teams and get to know each other, then on episode two they have to race and travel the world competing and doing challenges if there are 2 challenger that has lost the challenge then they have to compete in a singing lip sync battle to decide who is the best and who isn't the best ,the loser still goes home with something

Challenges : fitness ,Design , runway ,extreme obstacles, trivia running challenges ,singing competition ,knowing your music , preforming live singing ,preforming live concerts )

Celebrity and Normal day people can participate

the competitors who audition will meet in the location where the producer told them to in the first episode they get to know each other better soon they go into teams on who will be in what team soon the next episode ,episode 2 they start the competition (episode 2 starts after new episode 1 is done )

Judges :

Rupaul, Takashi Yume,Romeo valle, guest judges

The competitors go to North and South America ,Asia ,Europe ,Australia


  • season 1
  • season 2
  • season 3
  • season 4
  • season 5 (Rodrigo season )
  • season 6
  • season 7


  • Season 1
  • Season 2

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