Lolly Lollipop Parade Coord
First Appearance (Anime)Episode 4
First Appearance (DCD)Part 1
User(s)Manami Hanae
Lolly Lollipop Parade Coord (ロリーロリポップパレードコーデ Rorī Roripoppu Parēdo Kōde) is a normal, cute type brandless coord. It is Manami Hanae's school coord.


Lolly Lollipop Parade Top

A white blouse worn underneath a pale pink vest that has white lining and pockets, and is worn shut with a red bow and a small dark pink heart-shaped lollipop in the center. It comes with a red ribbon and a pale pink wrist piece.

Lolly Lollipop Parade Skirt

A pink ruffled skirt almost resembling a tutu with dark pink lollipop-shaped tassles. The petticoat is very frilly and is a light pink.

Lolly Lollipop Parade Flats

Small pink flats with dark pink X-shaped strings over the feet. They are worn with white socks that have frilled garter-like segments around the ankles and big pale pink bows on them with small gold heart-shaped lollipops in the center.

Lolly Lollipop Headband

A thin pale pink headband with a piece of pink and white material that has four light pink heart-shaped lollipops in the center.