London Casual Coord
BrandCrystal Queen
RarityCampaign Rare
promotionalDebut (DCD)
London Casual Coord (ロンドンカジュアルコーデ) is a sexy type campaign rare coord from the brand Crystal Queen.


London Casual Corset

A white ruffled top with a royal blue corset with many small white polka dots decorating it in vertical lines. A ruby red ribbon is attached to the white part of the shirt, and in the middle of the ribbon is a small royal blue flower charm lined in gold.

London Casual Bottoms

White, below the knee denim pants with a red ribbon on the right waist and a royal blue ribbon on the left waist, and a flower charm in red and royal blue on their respectively colored ribbons, lined in gold.

London Casual Pumps

Royal blue pumps with midnight blue bottoms. A royal blue strap is on top of the foot and held by a single white clasp. Comes with frilly white ankle socks.

Union Jack Headband

A blue headband with a large bow sewn to the side with the Union Jack design. Three gem studs are attached to the headband, coming in green, yellow, and blue. Comes with two bead dangle earrings, each with a stylized music note, with one being a lime quarter note, the other light blue treble clef.