This page contains all the information on the history of the Love Live! Next Level!! project that is outside of the discography.

History by Year

2016 (January - May)
  • Love Live! Next Level!! was announced as the unofficial third series of the Love Live! project, along with unit name submissions being opened.
  • A day after name submissions, the following names were voted on:
    • MysTiCal
    • Memo
    • Pixel!
    • Wisteria
    • Palettes
    • NLX
    • Zeirei
    • Boost!
    • CHU★ning
  • Another day after voting, the name was announced to be Wisteria, with follow-ups being Pixel! and NLX.
2016 (June - December)
  • Basic information for each member was revealed to the public.

Other Magazine Top Features

Polling History

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