Love Live! Twinkle! is Hishikawa Usagi's Love Live! fan-series, set to air on winter 2016. The series now focuses on a new school idol group, Ciao, formed by the well-known Twinkle Dreamer, Kurokawa Nozomi.

Announcement And Production

Main Cast

Announced at February 15, 2016 that a new Love Live! series will air on winter 2016, along with the voices of the main characters. The voices of the 2nd year trio (Nozomi, Urara and Sakura) are revealed to be Yoshida Hitomi, Nakaya Sayaka and Katou Emiri, respectively. The rest of the cast are announced to be Takada Yuuki, Shino Shimoji, Izumi Kitta, Takamori Natsumi, Koiwai Kotori and Yano Asami.

Unit Name

The name was difficult to decide on. Nominations for the group are Twinkle*, TwilightS, Tune and many others but decided to use Ciao the Italian word for "hello". This may refer to Nozomi the protagonist herself and how it reflects her character.


Kurokawa Nozomi fears that because of the popular rankings of another high-tech school in her community in Hokkaido, her school might shut-down. Having a "great idea" of forming a school idol group and the fact how she thinks it as easy after watching a music video of Aqours, she found out that it was actually not as easy as she can think of. Good think she has her friends Shirayuki Urara and Midorikusa Sakura with her to start one. The group expanded but can nine school girls keep their school from loosing its popularity? That's when Nozomi finds out that......


Kurokawa Nozomi

Shirayuki Urara

Midorikusa Sakura

Nakata Hanon

Touyama Kurumi

Nishizawa Yayoi

Kiki Yuko

Hanabi Hibiki

Fuyuki Leah

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