Lovely Princess Coord
BrandCrystal Queen
Debut (DCD)Part 3
Lovely Princess Coord (ラブリープリンセスコーデ) is a rare, cute-type coord from the brand Crystal Queen.


Lovely Princess One-piece

A dress that starts out with a pale pink top with two thick rows of lavender material surrounding it, both of which are decorated with elegant gold designs. The top portion and skirt of the dress are only separated by a band of white pearls that go around the band of the skirt. The skirt of the dress is a powder blue bell skirt that is decorated with white frills underneath and is decorated with patterns of small pink flowers stitched in to it. Comes with a golden heart locket.

Lovely Princess Boots

Tall lavender boots with grape laces. Hanging off of the cuff, there is flower-shaped powder blue and white gradient fabric with the white end being decorated with swirly golden designs. Comes with white tights.