Lucky Clover Coord
First Appearance (Anime)Episode 14: Attack of the Wicked Fairy
First Appearance (DCD)Part 1
User(s)Gekijou Nakamura
Lucky Clover Coord (ラッキクローバコーデ Rakki Kurōba Kōde) is a rare coord by the pop brand Bubblegum Pop Rock. It is Gekijou Nakamura's coord that she uses in the drama Attack of the Wicked Fairy.


Lucky Clover Vest

A white and green striped tank top is worn beneath an orange and yellow vest. The left and right sides are orange while the left and right pockets are yellow. Three badges are sewn above the left pocket, these include a red gumdrop, a green four-leafed clover, and a purple wrapped candy comes with yellow-orange bracelets and a green wrist band, four bracelets of white and light orange beads, a pale yellow bead necklace, and a pair of green goggles.

Lucky Clover Shorts

Yellow shorts with tiny green four-leafed clovers all over it.

Lucky Clover Boots

White boots with a green bottom and on each lower leg is a four-leaf clover design.