The Madeline Palace (マドリン パレス Maderīn Paresu) is a manor used by Madeline Sycamore to live in, and was personalized for her due to her status as the top idol. It is on the border of Polaris Academy's campus, and is located near the headmaster's office.


The manor has a gold and blue color scheme on the outside. It is very large and features many windows and balconies. The gate leading into the palace is golden and intricate, while the path leading to the palace is made of paved stone.

The basement is a special appeal room that features a large trampoline so Madeline can practice her jumps, as well as an Aikatsu changing room so Madeline can simulate her jumps while wearing her desired coord.

The first floor is a meeting area, and is the only part of the manor that is open to students of Polaris Academy who don't have special permissions from Madeline herself or from the headmaster, and even, then, they'd need permission from Madeline to come inside. There is also one room that is usually locked to students; Her coord library, where she keeps all of her cards in special binders separated by brand.

The second floor is a lesson area, where Madeline can work on her dance steps and singing voice. An Aikara System is also provided in the room, so Madeline can time her dance moves to the song's backing track if she chooses to do so.

The third floor is Madeline's bedroom and living area. The bedroom has a pastel pink/white color scheme, and connects to an elegantly designed balcony that overlooks the school garden, which is at the back of the manor.


  • Before Madeline became the Polaris Champion, the Madeline Palace did in fact belong to Elle and was instead referred to as the Champion's Palace.
  • The reason why the palace is now only used for Madeline is due to the fact that she has been called, on several occasions, a legendary idol.

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