Mahou no Go ☆ Nagareboshi
魔法の語 ☆ 流れ星
Sung byKodama Saori
Written byYousei A. Sina and Lightning-chan
Composer/ArrangerYousei A. Sina and Lightning-chan
DebutEpisode 01
Appears inKasukana hikari
Mahou no Go ☆ Nagareboshi (魔法の語 ☆ 流れ星 Mahō no go ☆ nagareboshi?, lit. Magic Word ☆ Shooting Star) is the first ending of the Magical Idol series Seiya-chi no Starlight Uta, which had its debut in Episode 01. The song was performed by Kodama Saori.


TV Size Version

Full Size Version



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