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Majestic Tiara is a sexy type brand that was first seen in episode 5 of Aikatsu! 5. The brand's top designer is Suzume Sena, the twin sister and rival designer of Dreamy Crown's top designer Tsubasa Sena. Its main user Tsukiko Kanzaki. The brand's special appeal is Moondust Dream.


Suited for regal and mature girls, this brand incorporates sexy elements with designs that have just the right amount of sweetness. It has an abundance of gorgeous dresses, made with dazzling jewelry and a feel of royalty.

Known Users


Beautiful Crepe Girl

To idols, becoming the year's Pon-pon Crepe Girl gives you a major advantage when making it to the top of the idol world. Tsukiko knows this, and so wants to go all out at her audition and wear a brand-made coord for her audition. She spends most of her preparation time on Kirakiratter, gathering advice from people on Kirakiratter when deciding on what brand she should wear. Then, Sumire sees her distraught and tells her that should just wear a brand that her heart wants. She spends some more time on that, and then sees the Bright Regal Coord from Majestic Tiara, which she decides to wear, thus officially making her favorite brand Majestic Tiara. She soon decides to wear the same coord again for the Sensational Student Audition.

The Legendary Starlight Queen

During the finale of Aikatsu! 5's Starlight Queen Cup arc, Tsukiko revealed to everyone the brand new Olympian Premium Rare coord belonging to the brand, the Moonbeam Artimes Coord. She wins the Starlight Queen Cup and officially replaces Akari as the Starlight Queen, beginning a new chapter in both her idol career and the history of Starlight Academy. For her encore performance, she sings an alternate version of Wake up my music.




Rare: ★★

Premium Rare: ★★★


  • This is the first brand to become a private brand long after its initial release. It became a private brand after Tsukiko Kanzaki became the top idol after her encore concert, which took place after her winning the Starlight Queen Cup.

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