Makino Haru
Makino Haru
SeasonRyou-chan's Idol Rescue Mission
Hair ColorMidnight blue
Eye ColorSea green
Home PlaceIkebukuro, Japan
Anime DebutEpisode 1
SeiyuuSanae Kobayashi
Singing VoiceYing
Idol Info
Alter egoMagical Idol Ryou-chan
Ryou-chan's Autograph

Makino Haru is the main character of the magical idol series Ryou-chan's Idol Rescue Mission. She is a popular rookie idol. Haru enjoys being an idol and doing her idol activities.

General Appearance


Haru is a positive and happy-go-lucky girl. She is hard-working and responsible; as a result she does not like and cannot stand lazy people like her older sister Meiko. She is mature for her age due to Meiko being immature. Haru cares for others and is protective to the ones she cares about. She likes to wear both boys' and girls' clothes because she looks good in them. Haru is easy to scare and intimidate.


Haru has short midnight blue hair in a pageboy hairstyle with sea green eyes. She usually either wears a short-sleeved blue dress with white polka dots, a blue hair bow with white polka dots, and blue slip-ons with white polka dots or a white waist coat with blue pockets over a blue short-sleeved shirt, a blue tie, blue pants, white socks, and blue sneakers. In her Ikebukuro Idol Training Academy school uniform, she wears a long-sleeved white sailor top with a black necktie, a dark navy blue sailor collar with three white stripes, and a pair of dark navy blue shorts. She also wears dark navy blue penny loafers and short white socks. The sailor top also shows the school's emblem on the badge that is located at the left, which is a black badge with a face of an owl.


  • Fukui Haruki - Haru's best friend. She sees Haruki as a big brother and listens to his advice.
  • Fukui Haruko - Haru's best friend. She sees Haruko as a big sister and appreciates her help.
  • Sakana - Haru's manager.
  • Makino Meiko - Haru's older sister. She dislikes Meiko due to her laziness and refers to her as "Taidako" like the rest of her family; Meiko is the reason why Haru has to be the mature sibling in the family. At the end of the series, the two make up because Meiko becomes more mature and Haru no longer calls her "Taidako" unless it's for joking around and teasing.
  • Mr. Makino - Haru's father. Haru loves him and gets her positive, happy-go-lucky traits from him.
  • Mrs. Makino - Haru's mother. Haru looks up to her as a role model and gets her hard-working, responsible traits from her.
  • Makino Daisuke - Haru's younger brother. Haru enjoys his help taking care of the younger siblings.
  • Makino Hayate - Haru's younger brother. Haru enjoys playing with him, but also has to help him with his impulsiveness.
  • Makino Asaka - Haru's younger sister. Haru enjoys her help with making breakfast for the family in the morning.
  • Makino Amaya - Haru's younger sister.
  • Makino Keiko - Haru's younger sister.
  • Makino Hiraku - Haru's younger brother.


Makino (真木乃?) (真木乃) Makino comes from Ma (真) meaning "real or genuine", Ki (木) meaning "tree", and (乃) No meaning "of". So, Makino roughly means "Real tree" or "Genuine tree".

Haru (?) (晴) Haru means "Clear weather".

Makino Haru means "Real tree of clear weather" of "Genuine tree of clear weather".


"How are you doing today, everyone? Glad to hear that! Ready to hear my song? Okay!" - Haru just before she starts her concerts.

"My gender? Well, I'll put it like this. I'm a genderfluid versandrogyne, but I prefer to be called by female pronouns when I wear female clothes while I prefer to be called by male pronouns when I wear male clothes. However, since I wear mostly female clothes, I prefer to be called she. If I'm not or if the clothes are androgynous, I'll let you know." - Haru when asked about her gender.


  • Haru is the first magical idol to be a crossdresser.
  • She identifies herself as a genderfluid versandrogyne although she prefers to be called by female pronouns when wearing girls' clothes and male pronouns when wearing boys' clothes; she is referred by female pronouns most of the time.
  • Haru's first name is similar to Haruki's and Haruko's first names.