Cheri Matsuto
Sherī Mattō
SeasonDevils little Angel
Birthday DateApril 10th
Hair ColorBlue blackish
Eye Colorblue
Home PlaceTBA
RelativesFather, older Brother and older sister
Anime Debutepisode the blue light of an Angel
SeiyuuMayu Watanabe
Voice ActorEnglish :Emily Neves
Singing VoiceMayu Watanabe
Idol Info
Aurablue around the body and with red and white dimonds around her
Cheri is one of the sort-of Main characters in Devil little Angels anime series.she is the 4th newest Angel in the series and in the new Generation


Cheri has long Blueish-Blackish hair and blue light eyes when she transform her hair color turns a little more brighter


she has a cool personality and her seriousness and dedication surpasses that of the others She speaks her mind regardless of what anyone else will think,in episode 20 Cheri personality has changed considerably, being more ongoing and cheerful.


she debuted in episode 5 ,her mother passed away do to her recent illness that she had Cheri thought that she would be okay and a year ago her grandfather of her dad side passed away due to old age he was 101 years old.she was still happy she is now a 2nd year student due to her intelligence if out in the episode on how her future will turn out


she afraid on dieing and heights

she plays the flute and sings to make herself better

she attends ( insert name here )

she debuted in episode 5

her voice actor is Watanbe Mayu and her english VA is Emily Neves

when she grows up she want to a veteran