Melodic Day (ミロディック・デー) is a brand in Stellar Wind. It's stage illusion is Radiant Dawn.



Founded about 75 years prior the series' beginning, Melodic Day has become a popular fashion brand all over the world, not only in Japan. In fact, today, their headquaters are located in New York. However, the brand's designer Hirai Amaya is not the original founder but her daughter who took over the brand about twenty-five years ago. Originally, Melodic Day was a regular brand that sold clothes meant to be weared in everyday life. When the Crystal Performances gained popularity, the brand also started to design dresses made for such performances. When the brand's main designer changed, the brand's style started to become more feminine.

It's a well-known rumor that Amaya is willing to give every idol a Premium Rare coord that asks. However, due to her bussy schedule, this is almost impossible. Another rumor is the so-called Melodic Day Dress, a coord designed by Hirai Melody, the brand's founder. The coord's appearance is a legend itself, but 'insiders' comment that the coord is said to be the most beautiful of all coords.

Brand Concept

Melodic Day is a brand that everyone can wear~! Made for every young girl in the world, Melodic Day makes every day a special day, and gives everyone the chance to shine. Remember that everyone can be as bright as the sun if they only try. Not the clothes make a girl shine, she shines on her own, and the dresses support her!

Known Users



  • The brand's themes throughout the seasons are:
    • Part 1 Season Spring: Floral Lady (フローラル・レーディー).
    • Part 2 Season Summer: Starry Girls (スターリー・ガールズ).
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