Midori Sasaki
Birthday DateJuly 25
Hair Colorlight brown
Eye Colorhazel
Home PlaceSapporo, Japan
SeiyuuYuki Kaneko
Idol Info
Aurared and blue berries and sunflowers
BrandBohemian Sky
SchoolPolaris Academy
School CoordLeaf Stage Coord
Midori Sasaki (緑佐々木 ) is an idol in Aikatsu: Idol Festival!. She is a sexy-type idol who uses the brand Bohemian Sky. She is a member of the Cool group in Polaris30. She ranked 4th in the election.


An easygoing and relaxed girl, with a positive and calm personality. Midori enjoys photography and does not like competition because of her 'soft sister' personality. Due to her calming aura, people who talk to her usually lose track of time and drift off into a serene oblivion. She wanted to become an "idol who makes everyone smile.", even though she was scared to take the audition at first, her plan has clearly succeeded as seen with her high ranking in the Polaris Office New Members Election.


Midori has pale skin, hazel eyes, and light brown hair, which she keeps in a small ponytail, while her bands go down to her shoulders and are left un-styled.


Smile to the other Side

As Midori is checking over her schedule for the day, the producer of Polaris30, Nijino-san, comes over to her and tells her that she has an audition to become the image girl for a new camera. She also tells her that during her performance, the judges are going to be taking pictures of her, to see if they can find her best smile. This troubles Midori, as she had trouble figuring out how to show off her best smile, as, although she's good at photography and likes modeling work, she get's rather nervous during live performances, especially solo lives. Eventually though, the day of the audition came. She wore the Leaf Self Stripe Coord from her favorite brand and passed the audition, to her unit mates delight.



  • Sign: Leo
  • Favorite food: Key lime pie
  • Least favorite food: peppermint candy
  • Her special skill is modeling
  • Her hobbies are photography and taking nature walks
  • Blood type: O